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        Easy lifting door slider

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        Easy lifting door slider

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        The sliding block of easy lifting door is a mold component that can slide perpendicular to the opening and closing direction or at a certain Angle with the opening and closing direction in the opening and closing action of the mold. The slider is used when the product structure makes the mold cannot be normally demoulded without the slider. The material itself has the appropriate hardness, wear resistance, enough to withstand the friction of movement. The hardness of the cavity part or core part on the slider shall be the same as that of other parts of the cavity core.

        The sliding block is mainly composed of sliding block and guide rail, and the sliding block is mainly used for sliding friction guide rail. Linear guide rail is also known as linear rail, slide rail, linear guide rail, linear slide rail, used for linear reciprocating movement occasions, and can bear a certain torque, can achieve high-precision linear movement under the condition of high load. It is called linear guide rail in mainland China and linear guide rail in Taiwan.

        Linear guide rail motion is used to support and guide moving parts, according to the given direction to do reciprocating linear motion. According to the nature of friction, linear motion guide rail can be divided into sliding friction guide rail, rolling friction guide rail, elastic friction guide rail, fluid friction guide rail and other categories. Linear bearings are mainly used in automatic machinery more, such as the German imports of machine tools, bending machines, laser welding machines and so on, of course, linear bearings and linear shaft is a supporting use. Like the linear guide rail is mainly used in the precision requirements of the higher mechanical structure, the moving elements of the linear guide rail and fixed elements between the intermediate media, and the rolling ball.

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