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        Schindler escalator rubber ring

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        Schindler escalator rubber ring

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        Rubber sealing ring is a ring cover composed of one or several parts, fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and in contact with another ring or washer or forming a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent oil leakage and external invasion.

        Used for installation on various mechanical equipment, in the specified temperature and pressure as well as different liquids and gases, in the static or moving state of sealing

        Material of rubber sealing ring:

        : 1. The fluorine rubber has high temperature resistance, can be in - 30 ℃ to + 250 ℃ environment, strong oxidant, oil resistant, resistant to acid and alkali resistance. Usually used in high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure environment, suitable for oil environment. Due to its excellent performance, fluorine rubber is widely used in petroleum, chemical, aviation, aerospace and other sectors.

        2. The silicone rubber, high and low temperature resistance, outstanding in - 70 ℃ to + 260 ℃ temperature range to maintain good flexibility, and has the advantages of resistance to ozone, weather aging, appropriate for the thermal mechanical seal gasket. Because there is no toxicity can be made insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products.

        3. Nitrile butadiene rubber: it has excellent performance of oil resistance and aromatic solvent, but is not resistant to ketone, ester and chlorination medium, so the oil resistance sealing products are mainly made of nitrile butadiene rubber.

        4. Neoprene: it has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical media and other properties, but it is not resistant to aromatic oil, which is characterized by weather aging and ozone aging performance. Chloroprene rubber is usually used in the production of doors and Windows sealing strips and diaphragm and general vacuum sealing products;

        5. Ternary b and c: with good temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone aging performance, usually doors and Windows sealing strip, the most widely used in the automotive industry.

        6. Ptfe composite gasket is based on ptfe and high-quality full into the rubber material, the use of special manufacturing process and become a new type of sealing material, it integrated the excellent characteristics of teflon and rubber, make the product possesses excellent corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, non-toxic, viscous resistance, but also has good elasticity and tightness.

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