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        Advocate "left line right stand"? Do not use escalators!

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        Advocate "left line right stand"? Do not use escalators!

        Date of release:2018-08-23 Author: Click:

        Advocate "left line right stand"? Do not use escalators!

        Mr. Li, xiamen: long escalators in shopping malls, subway stations and other places. People stand freely on the escalators. It should be indicated on the escalator: please stand on the right side to make a passage on the left, so that people can drive in time. (channel guide, 19 June)

        Take the stairs to the right, take the escalator to the right? In recent days, I have seen similar appeals in local media in xiamen. But here's what some cities do:

        Starting in December 2012, Shanghai rail transit stopped emphasizing "left line, right stand". Nanjing subway said on its official wechat account in 2016: "it is not recommended to use the escalator to stand on the left, walk on the right". The official account of Beijing railway bureau WeChat clearly states that passengers are not advised to "stand right, walk left" when taking escalators. Taipei express no longer promotes the "left, right and upright" mode of riding; Since 2010, Hong Kong has stopped advocating such a campaign and replaced it with the slogan "grab the handrail and settle down". Abroad, in 2006 the Toronto board of transport in Canada removed 294 "left row right stand" signs...

        Why don't these cities advocate "standing on the left, standing on the right"? The answer comes in two words: safety!

        Actually, the escalator "stand right" itself is the habit of most people. If further advocated, the tendency to be absolute "left line right stand" may cause some adverse effects.

        According to the statistics of a certain subway system in China, about 95% of the escalator's right step chain is significantly more worn than the left, which results in slightly inclined steps and aggravation of the wear of both sides of the baffle and the comb plate.

        In the design of the escalator, although the long-term bearing of unbalanced pressure is also taken into consideration, "left line, right stand" still causes excessive fatigue impact on some parts of the escalator. If further promotion is adopted, the equipment life may be shortened and frequent breakdown of the escalator occurs.

        Furthermore, the step height of escalator is usually 21cm, which is higher than 15cm which is required for stairs in public places. It is easy for people to step empty or stumble when walking on the escalator. Besides, it is also easy for people to bump into other passengers in the process of walking, which leads to accidents.

        Therefore, the escalator should be "hold on to the handrail and do not walk around". As for "people who are convenient to drive and catch up on time", actually, the escalator is already "running", so don't hurry up on the escalator. It is better to get out earlier. It is ok to call for help when you are in an emergency.

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