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        Elevator safety nine questions nine answers, everyone should take the elevator to remember

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        Elevator safety nine questions nine answers, everyone should take the elevator to remember

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        Elevator safety nine questions nine answers, everyone should take the elevator to remember

        With the acceleration of urban modernization, the living conditions of the residents in yuncheng area are getting better and better. As a popular vertical transport vehicle for the common people in yuncheng, the elevator is as indispensable as the vehicle. As a kind of automatic electromechanical equipment, the failure is inevitable. How to reduce its failure rate and make it serve us better through standard management and correct use is a hot issue concerned by the public. In order to popularize the elevator safety knowledge and enhance the public's awareness of elevator safety and management, the special inspection institute of shanxi provincial bureau of quality supervision compiled the "nine questions and nine answers of elevator safety" for public reading.

        I. who is responsible for the safety management of elevator use?

        Answer: according to article 13 of the special equipment safety law of the People's Republic of China, the elevator user unit and its principal person in charge are responsible for the safety of the elevators used by them, and they are the main body responsible for the safety management of the elevators.

        2. How to determine the unit of elevator use?

        Answer: according to fujian elevator safety management measures and opinions of fujian people's government office on further strengthening elevator safety work (fujian political office [2015] no. 100), if the construction unit has not transferred to the owner of elevator property right after the installation, the construction unit is the elevator user unit; The elevator entrusted to the property service enterprise or other manager shall be the elevator user; Where an elevator which is not under the management of a realty service enterprise or other manager belongs to a single owner of property rights, the owner of such property rights is the elevator user; If it belongs to more than one property owner, one of the property owners shall be clearly defined through negotiation as the elevator safety use manager, and the other property owners shall assume joint and several liability. Where an elevator is to be let out, the use unit of the elevator shall be stipulated in the lease contract. If the elevator is installed and used in the public rental housing paid by the government, the owner of the house shall be responsible for implementing the elevator using unit; Multiple property owners can not be sure to use the unit, by the township (town) people government, street agency coordination to determine unit using the elevator, the coordination is still not sure use unit, by the township (town) people government, street agency designated or specify the unit using the elevator, and advise the property owners, property owners are jointly and severally liable.

        What are the main management responsibilities of the elevator unit?

        Answer :(1) register with the special equipment safety supervision and administration department before or 30 days after the elevator is put into use. If the user unit changes, it shall register within 30 days from the date of the change.

        (2) paste up the elevator use sign, safety precautions, safety warning sign, maintenance quality supervision card and emergency rescue phone at the prominent position of the elevator.

        (3) establish safety technology archives, establish safety management systems such as post responsibility, hidden danger investigation and management, emergency rescue, and elevator key use and management, formulate operation rules, and ensure the safe operation of elevators.

        (4) one month before the expiration of the next inspection date indicated in the elevator service mark, an application for periodic inspection shall be submitted to the special equipment inspection and testing institution, and the fees for elevator inspection and testing shall be paid, and the relevant work shall be well coordinated.

        (v) timely rectification of the unqualified items found in the regular inspection of elevators, and feedback of the rectification results to the special equipment inspection and testing organization in writing within the rectification term; Do not use elevators that have not been inspected regularly or fail to pass the inspection.

        (6) ensure the effective use of emergency lighting, communication network and emergency alarm devices.

        (7) entrusting the unit that has obtained the corresponding license to carry out the daily maintenance of the elevator, and signing the maintenance contract with the maintenance unit; When the maintenance unit changes, it shall handle the modification procedures to the original registration authority by holding the maintenance contract and other relevant materials within 10 days after the new contract takes effect, and change the relevant identification of the maintenance unit in the elevator.

        (8) in case of elevator failure or abnormal situation, it shall be stopped immediately, and the stop sign shall be set at the prominent position of the elevator entrance, and it shall be timely organized to carry out comprehensive inspection to eliminate the hidden danger of elevator accident and be confirmed by the maintenance unit before it can be put into use again.

        (9) in case of an elevator accident, organize emergency rescue, elimination and rescue in accordance with the emergency rescue plan, protect the scene of the accident, and immediately report the accident to the special equipment safety supervision and administration department and other relevant departments.

        (10) an elevator safety management institution or a sufficient number of safety management personnel shall be set up, and the safety management personnel shall carry out daily inspection of the use of the elevators, strengthen supervision over the renovation, repair and maintenance of the elevators, and keep records.

        (11) if the interior of the elevator car is decorated, the maintenance unit shall be notified to carry out the test after finishing the decoration, and the test can only be put into use after it meets the requirements of relevant national safety technical specifications.

        (12) if the elevator has been suspended for more than one year or the suspension period exceeds the date of the next periodic inspection, the user shall seal the elevator and set warning signs, and go to the special equipment safety supervision and management department responsible for the registration of the use of the elevator within 15 days after the suspension. Before the re-use of the elevator, the user shall notify the elevator maintenance unit to carry out comprehensive inspection and maintenance, and apply for regular inspection or supervision and inspection. It shall not be used if it is not inspected or disqualified.

        (13) if the service life of the elevator is more than 15 years or more than the designed service life, the elevator use unit shall entrust the qualified special equipment inspection and testing institution to conduct the safety performance technical evaluation, and implement the rectification measures according to the evaluation opinions of the special equipment inspection and testing institution.

        Who will pay for the elevator update, renovation, major maintenance and daily maintenance?

        A: the daily maintenance of elevator maintenance and general repair expenses paid by the elevator unit using, renovating or reforming the elevator, the major repair should be used by units with appropriate qualifications entrusted by the construction unit, the costs can use unit management through the use of funds, the owners themselves, in accordance with the relevant provisions in the form of residential special maintenance funds and expenses. If the special maintenance fund for the residence is insufficient or there is no special maintenance fund for the residence, the owner of the elevator property rights shall raise it.

        V. what are the main requirements for elevator maintenance?

        Answer :(a) carry out maintenance work such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and inspection at least every 15 days, keep maintenance records, and sign for confirmation by the elevator safety management personnel of the user unit, and display the recent maintenance status of the elevator in a prominent position in the elevator car.

        (2) the elevators that undergo maintenance shall adopt protective measures such as enclosed shelters and warnings to prevent accidents.

        (3) establish daily maintenance records and safety technical records of elevators, and truly record the maintenance and maintenance status, and the record shall be kept for not less than 4 years.

        (iv) formulate emergency measures and rescue plans, and conduct emergency drills at least once every six months for different types of elevators maintained by the unit.

        (5) to publicize emergency rescue calls, implement a 24-hour on-duty system, and ensure timely elimination after receiving notification of failure. After receiving the failure report of the elevator, the maintenance personnel will arrive at the location of the maintenance elevator in time to carry out on-site rescue. The arrival time in urban areas is no more than 30 minutes, and generally no more than 1 hour in other areas.

        (6) inspect the elevator once a year according to the requirements of the safety technical specifications, issue the self-inspection report, assist the elevator user to complete the application for periodic inspection of the elevator one month before the expiration date, and cooperate with the inspection and testing organization to do the inspection and testing work such as regular inspection of the elevator and safety technical evaluation.

        (7) the elevator maintenance staff shall be regularly organized to conduct safety education and training every year, and keep safety education and skill training records for no less than 2 years.

        (viii) abide by other laws and regulations, abide by the industry self-discipline convention, operate in good faith and abide by the law.

        Is being stuck in an elevator suffocating? What should passengers do in case of ladder trouble?

        Answer: elevator car is not completely sealed box body, under normal circumstances, the ventilation fan will maintain the working state, when power cut, also can realize air circulation through the gap of car. Therefore, there is no need to worry about being trapped in the car and being suffocated.

        The elevator is a kind of mechanical and electrical equipment with high degree of automation. When the elevator breaks down, the safety protection device will stop the operation of the elevator and protect the safety of passengers. When passengers are trapped in an elevator, the correct response is:

        (I) passengers should keep calm, press the emergency alarm button in the elevator car or use mobile phones and other communication tools to dial the emergency rescue phone or "119" published in the car, and contact the elevator user unit, maintenance unit or fire command center to inform them of the trapped ladder and inform them to come to carry out rescue;

        (b) passengers should not force the elevator doors open to prevent falling from high altitude or accidental injury, and wait for professional rescue.

        7, take an elevator to sometimes feel "slide ladder" is to return a responsibility?

        Answer: one is the elevator in everyday use, when the control system detects a component failure, such as flat layer sensor failure, voltage instability, the door suddenly disconnect immediately closed again wait for a reason, will trigger the elevator safety protection function, make the elevator maintenance speed (no more than 0.63 m/s) of national standard run to a specified layer station or reset the base station, reset the flat layer parameters such as recovery after operation. During the reset process, all the operation functions in the car will be temporarily disabled. Many passengers mistakenly think that the elevator has a "slip", but actually they do not. This situation is the "reset" or "return base station" of the elevator. Therefore, passengers do not need to panic excessively, and can timely notify the elevator maintenance unit to check and remove after the elevator stops safely and personnel leave. The other case is that the car's braking capacity is insufficient or the traction capacity drops due to the reasons such as overloading, slippage of the traction rope, etc., which leads to the slide of the car and the "slide" of the elevator. In such a situation, when the sliding speed of the elevator exceeds the set value, the speed limiter and the safety clamp will move to stop the car brake on the guide rail, and the elevator will stop running to prevent the car from falling, so as to protect passengers. In this case, passengers trapped in the elevator should call the rescue phone in time, waiting for rescue. This kind of circumstance is more dangerous, because this is in use when the elevator is strictly prohibited overload, at the same time the maintenance of the elevator is very important.

        8. What should I pay attention to during my daily flight?

        Answer :(a) it is forbidden to take the elevator when seeing that there is enclosure for the maintenance and operation;

        (2) do not stay in the door area of the elevator, observe the car position when entering or leaving, and do not put your head down to play with your phone, and do not block the door with your hands or body. If you need to keep the door open, you should use the external call button or the inner door button of the car.

        (c) it is prohibited under any circumstances to pry the door and open the safety window of the car roof to avoid falling down the elevator shaft;

        (iv) it is prohibited to use foreign objects to jam the middle of the car door of the elevator hall, and artificially prevent the elevator from closing the door. If you need to use the elevator for a long time, please contact the management office of the user unit.

        (5) overload operation is prohibited, and the underachiever exits when the overloaded bell rings;

        (6) do not lean against the elevator door, so as to avoid falling when the elevator opens;

        (7) do not play, play or jump in the elevator, keep the door floor and car clean, do not throw fruits and skins debris, and reduce elevator failure;

        (8) pre-school children shall be accompanied by adults to take the elevator;

        (9) when carrying pets in elevators, pets shall be effectively controlled;

        (10) it is forbidden for non-professionals to dismantle and maintain elevators or open doors with triangular keys to avoid accidents;

        Do not take the elevator in case of earthquake or fire.

        What should I do when riding the escalator?

        Answer :(1) check the operating direction of the escalator before riding on the escalator, and stand with the handrail in your hand.

        (2) beware of loose and trailing garments (such as long skirts, gowns or crocheted shoes) before riding the escalator. Do not stand too close to the edge of the stairs to avoid being dragged by the edge of the stairs, the comb teeth, the apron board or the cover board;

        (3) infants and children should be hugged by adults, and wheelchairs are not allowed to enter escalators;

        (iv) it is forbidden to push baby strollers and shopping strollers into escalators, and pets should be hugged;

        (5) do not stretch out the head and body beyond the handrail device to avoid the impact of floor slab, ceiling and other obstacles;

        (6) do not climb, play or run freely on escalators; do not stay at the exit entrance of escalators; do not lean on the apron boards or armrests on the escalator or escalator steps;

        (7) in case of emergency, press the red stop button at both ends of the escalator immediately to stop the operation of the escalator.

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