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        Status of elevator technology

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        Status of elevator technology

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        The appearance of electric ladder technique

        China has a short history of elevator industry development. Before the founding of new China, only Shanghai, tianjin and Beijing had the service stations of Otis elevator company. After the founding of new China, from 1952 to 1954, China successively established three elevator production plants in Shanghai, tianjin and shenyang. By the 1960s, the company had set up several elevator factories in xi 'an, guangzhou and Beijing. By 1972, there were 8 designated elevator manufacturers in China, with an annual output of nearly 2000 elevators.

        Since 1978, with the expansion of economic growth and infrastructure, the elevator market was completely dominated and occupied by the seller's market in 1985, which greatly stimulated the elevator production. A large number of small and medium-sized elevator factories have appeared all over the country. Up to 1999, there were nearly 400 elevator manufacturers in China, with an annual output of nearly 30,000 elevators.

        Elevator varieties develop from general cargo elevator to passenger elevator, advanced passenger elevator, escalator (including small height, medium height, large height single and double escalator) and automatic walkway products. And from 1996, tianjin, Shanghai and other elevator plants have a small number of products sold abroad.

        The control mode of the elevator also developed from handle switch control to button signal control and set selection control, to the group control of multiple elevators.

        In terms of developing new elevator control technologies, before 1979, some elevator factories and scientific research institutions in China cooperated to research and test semiconductor contactless elevator control systems and a number of new elevator manufacturing and control technologies. However, due to the low level of basic industry and poor quality of supporting components, the reliability of elevators cannot be met, as well as the impact of other subjective and objective factors, there is little effect. Since 1979, several major domestic elevator manufacturers and foreign elevator companies have joint production and distribution of elevator products. First by Beijing elevator factory, Shanghai elevator factory and Switzerland schindler elevator company in 1980 established the first domestic elevator joint venture production enterprise - China schindler elevator co., LTD. Then in 1985, tianjin elevator company and the United States Otis elevator company joint venture established tianjin Otis elevator co., LTD. In 1987, Shanghai Great Wall elevator co., LTD joint venture with mitsubishi electric co., LTD., other joint ventures include liuzhou elevator co., LTD., guangxi, Munich elevator co., LTD., Munich elevator co., LTD., guangzhou elevator co., LTD., Hitachi elevator co., LTD., Japan. Suzhou elevator factory has also set up a joint venture with Switzerland schindler elevator co. LTD. With the introduction of technology and the development of new products, domestic elevator market competition is increasingly intensified, and the output, quality and technical level of elevator products are also rapidly improved in the competition. At present, China has been capable of mass production of microcomputer-controlled freight elevators and passenger elevators, and the technical level of ac speed adjustment drive has been rapidly improved. In 1999, there were more than 300,000 elevators operating in China.

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