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        Development trend of elevator technology

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        Development trend of elevator technology

        Date of release:2018-08-22 Author: Click:

        Electric ladder technique develops trend

        Driven by the development of science and technology, elevator technology will produce various new changes and new functions, and its recent main development trends are as follows:

        (1) the elevator control system will widely adopt advanced large-capacity microcomputer and multi-microcomputer parallel processing technology to improve the elevator control performance. In the multi-elevator coordinated operation of the high-rise building, each elevator control system will have the control of the entire ladder group operation scheduling capacity. This makes the elevator signal system more reliable, more flexible, more efficient operation coordination performance and greater security capability. A data processing system consisting of serial communication and fiber optics will be used in elevator signal transmission. This technology can greatly reduce the well routing, avoid external electromagnetic interference, improve the reliability of signal transmission.

        After using high-performance microcomputer, the elevator will be fully intellectualized service response way, in the elevator, the computer will through self analysis of daily signal and traffic, to the rule of passenger flow change each stop quantitative conclusion, which can predict and automatically adjust elevator group scheduling programs to run, make passengers' waiting time is reduced to the lowest degree. It also improves efficiency.

        (2) the progress of ac speed control theory and technology level will continue to expand the application scope of ac motor in elevator drive, and the elevator drive will continue to develop towards high efficiency, high speed and high accuracy.

        Straight - line motor - driven elevator will gradually enter the world market. This drag technology does not need to be installed on the top floor of the building machine room, saving building area; Direct drive can reduce transmission energy consumption; Reducing active parts can reduce wear and improve working reliability of mechanical parts. The friction drag structure is reformed, which greatly reduces the wear of wire rope and greatly improves the life and safety factor of wire rope. This drag technology will be further developed.

        (3) the concept of green environmental protection will become the development direction of technology in the new century. The elevator industry will vigorously develop in this respect to energy saving, pollution-free, low noise, good electromagnetic compatibility; And high reliability, long life, low maintenance requirements of new elevator products will continue to emerge.

        (4) new hydraulic elevators keep emerging. The hydraulic elevator with the structure of repushing and pulling cylinder is adopted to change the old face of high energy consumption. Replacing the speed control valve with electric control will greatly reduce the number of hydraulic components, improve operation efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction. It will be of great use in the renovation of old buildings.

        (5) the safety guarantee function of the elevator will be further strengthened. Due to the increasing automation of elevator operation, the elevator safety protection system must be able to guarantee the safety of passengers when the elevator itself breaks down or when the passengers are threatened by disasters. Elevator control system will have fault self-diagnosis, fault warning, redundancy avoidance, remote monitoring and other functions. If there is a fault in the elevator system, the safest solution is to temporarily make the car, and when there is no other risk factors, the passenger should be removed immediately. The elevator will be equipped with a slow automatic rescue system. In disaster prevention, the elevator will have fire and earthquake emergency return, power outage emergency stop function. Special occasions of the elevator must also have security, security response system. In the passenger call and rescue system, the system will be transformed from the current internal system to the public communication system, so as to improve the security capability.

        (6) creating an artistic atmosphere in the elevator car, giving people with fresh eyes and a relaxed and happy sense of enjoyment, has become a topic of exploration in the industrial decoration circles of various countries. The interior decoration of the elevator car will develop into a variety of art forms, and its main feature is to improve the sense of suppression of the narrow space of the car; It aims to complement and harmonize the working environment of the building. Make the passenger when taking the elevator adjust nerve, let tired body get relaxed, promote people's physical and mental health. This requirement becomes an important part of improving the comfort of elevator ride. For this purpose, a large screen display can be installed in the car. On the background of the TV, the running direction and floor station signal are displayed with subtitles, and the station is notified by voice, and the impact of the motion noise of the elevator is reduced by music.

        Looking ahead, the development of super-tall buildings will require the development of higher speed elevators. The cable-towed type of drive will no longer be available in buildings that are more than a kilometer high, and other forms of drive will need to be developed. If steel wire rope suspension traction is cancelled, it can use multiple car to operate in different sections of well, so as to improve the utilization rate of well, and the elevator can be as efficient as the subway. This will also promote the development of optical transmission or wireless transmission of signals, superconducting magnetic levitation, auto-regulation of car air pressure and other new technologies, and make elevator industrial products more colorful.

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