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        Elevator factory inspection instead of regular inspection! A new model is coming!

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        Elevator factory inspection instead of regular inspection! A new model is coming!

        Date of release:2018-06-14 Author: Click:

        Elevator factory inspection instead of regular inspection! A new model is coming!

        The bureau of quality and technical supervision of a first-tier city has submitted to the general administration of quality and technical supervision a document entitled "instructions on carrying out the pilot reform of elevator periodical inspection methods", which has made great progress.

        Reform methods:

        Will the reform to the traditional elevator inspection regularly detection "by" periodic inspection + 1 + 1, namely regular inspection by the inspection organizations from the previous year, next year by elevator manufacturing enterprises themselves detection (hereinafter referred to as "factory inspection", "factory inspection report, issued by responsible for factory inspection results, elevator factory inspection qualified, inspection agency no longer conduct regular inspection, inspection institutions to extend missile d etection cycle until next year), the order cycle.

        At this time into the factory inspection of pilot elevator factory need to establish a "factory inspection data information system", and upload into the factory inspection report and record, this system requires summary statistics, data analysis, and other functions, and the system will open to quality equipment safety supervision and administration department, make sure they read, see detailed factory inspection content at any time.

        The factory inspection institution shall be set up separately and operate independently, and operate separately from the manufacturing department and maintenance department, and shall apply for the measurement demonstration (CMA).

        The pilot enterprise shall, in accordance with the requirements of its quality management system, organize the training and assessment of the full-time inspection personnel of the elevator factory and issue the qualification certificate of the inspection personnel. The corresponding qualifications are limited to self-inspection of the elevator of the enterprise and shall be filed with the municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision.

        Elevator use change signs: elevator use sign "detect orgnaization" instead of "the examination institution", "the next test date" instead of "next testing date", the examination period for one year, still the pilot enterprises institutions detection qualified factory, using sign test examination organization to the enterprise name, and sealed factory inspection seal of the unit.

        Work schedule:

        In the first stage, the city's manufacturing enterprises with more than 1,500 elevator maintenance stations and voluntary participation will be included in the pilot (about 20, covering 197 thousand elevators in the city).

        Stage 2: carry out the pilot work according to the pilot program, and conduct the pilot enterprise factory inspection and self-maintenance elevator (about 87,000 units)

        Stage 3: popularize and expand the scope of pilot projects, and try to include 150,000 sets of pilot stations.

        Stage 4: summary stage

        Of course everybody is most concerned about if order check changes factory check, charge how to receive, according to the document shows in principle do not recommend charge, estimate manufacturer sees this to want to cry again, without foundation add a workload, and also want to assume responsibility, increased expenditure, did not have input, loss this business.

        Of course, if the administration approves this document, the heart beating also has the elevator maintenance enterprise, they will certainly worry whether the elevator manufacturer will recover the elevator maintenance right through the factory inspection.

        The year 2018 is the first year for the improvement of elevator product quality and service quality. All things are undergoing great changes, but all changes are inseparable. As long as the elevator maintenance enterprises work hard, they will be able to adapt to all changes.

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