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        Development of elevator industry

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        Development of elevator industry

        Date of release:2018-07-28 Author: Click:

        Development of elevator industry

        Elevator industry belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry, according to the national award of the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (2007) "and" national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline and other documents, the equipment manufacturing industry are one of national key to encourage the development of the field, is "Chinese famous brand products" 11th five-year plan "planning" in one of the key industries.

        During the tenth five-year plan period, driven by the rapid growth of the national economy, the elevator industry has made great progress. In the future, the development of the elevator industry will focus on technological upgrading and product structure adjustment. The outline of the eleventh five-year plan clearly proposes that in the equipment manufacturing industry, efforts should be made to break through the core technologies, improve the overall level of research, development and design of major technical equipment, and accelerate the promotion of high-tech industries from processing and assembly to independent research, development and manufacturing. The state has introduced a number of industrial policies and measures to promote the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry such as elevator and the improvement of the technology level of self-owned brands.

        From the perspective of industrial development policy, the current national guiding ideology for the elevator industry is to carry out structural adjustment, increase the investment in high-tech and independent research and development of elevator products, expand product series, increase production scale, improve product quality, form obvious scale benefits, and cultivate the international competitiveness of enterprises. This will speed up the process of asset integration in the domestic elevator industry, "eliminate the fittest", and promote the further development and expansion of domestic elevator enterprises with independent innovation advantages, scale advantages, manufacturing process advantages, market network advantages, and sound installation and maintenance system.

        The sustainable development of China's urbanization and industrialization

        As a special equipment of electromechanical integration, elevator is mainly used in real estate industry, commercial service facilities, urban infrastructure construction and other industries. It is greatly influenced by national macroeconomic policies and social fixed asset investment. Although after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the foundation of the world economic recovery is still fragile, especially since the new policy of national regulation on real estate prices was continuously launched in 2010. With the gradual emergence of the above policy effects, the external environment of China's elevator industry is still complicated. However, China's drive for industrialization and urbanization remains strong, and the scale of investment in fixed assets and infrastructure is huge. In particular, the Chinese government announced in November 2008 an economic stimulus plan with a total investment of 4 trillion yuan in two years. In the next few years, the government will stimulate the sustained and stable development of the economy by stimulating domestic demand. In the plan to boost domestic demand, the demand for elevators in the construction of large public projects, affordable housing, low-rent houses and public facilities will increase greatly. With the long-term growth of China's macro economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of urbanization, this demand will continue to grow. Therefore, in the long run, the sustained development of China's urbanization and industrialization will drive the rapid development of elevator market demand.

        Huge domestic market demand

        Per capita elevator ownership is an important indicator of urbanization level. In 1990, there were only 2 elevators per capita in China, and in 2008, the number of elevators per capita reached 86, with an annual compound growth rate of 20%. Despite the rapid growth of per capita elevator ownership, China's current per capita elevator ownership is only half of the world average level, and there is still a large gap between the per capita elevator level in developed countries.

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