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        Maintenance of elevator

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        Maintenance of elevator

        Date of release:2018-08-17 Author: Click:

        Maintenance of elevator

        Elevator maintenance maintenance is a technical work, so now people do not love their uncle to the extent of what is the cause?

        Is the elevator maintenance worker's technical content too low? The answer is clearly no. How many elevators have been repaired for more than a decade and often spend half a day or more in the maintenance room for a breakdown.

        Elevator update is too fast, the old elevators are still many, and lack of information to repair the elevator, and the reasons for the elevator failure are also diverse, maintenance and maintenance is a rather difficult thing.

        So why are elevator maintenance workers worthless? The real reason may be that there are too many people around to make up the number. The young man who just entered the society is confused about getting an elevator maintenance certificate.

        New entry, suitable for dust cleaning, to complete the laws and regulations on hard indicators, such as 15 days maintenance of the elevator. Although they are not good at technology, they generally have the purpose of making money to support their families and change their life status. Therefore, they are diligent, hardworking and obedient. Many elevator enterprises like such people.

        However, many new people still just sweep the dust after several years in the industry. They have no goals or motivation to learn. This becomes a lousy elevator guy. These are the people who hit the elevator industry, diluting the value of the elevator guys.

        Hong Kong has resisted the introduction of migrant elevator workers, even though it has been short of elevator technicians, to maintain their value.

        Of course, our mainland has been short of elevator technicians, but why haven't our values been enhanced? A few days ago we said that Hong Kong elevator technicians were going to get a 10% pay raise.

        Raise the threshold of the elevator industry, so as to raise the value of the certificate of elevator technology and the value of the elevator technician, so as to improve the treatment of the elevator technician.

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