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        Elevator safety: trapped elevator self-rescue method

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        Elevator safety: trapped elevator self-rescue method

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        Elevator safety: trapped elevator self-rescue method

        Fire experts said that passengers suddenly trapped in the faulty elevator, should timely contact the elevator rescue center, the computer room through the intercom system, waiting for professional rescue, or directly dial 119 or 110 to alarm, do not advocate to open the elevator door to get out.

        Method 1: after the passenger is trapped, the best way is to press the emergency call button inside the elevator, which will connect to the duty room or monitoring center. If the call is answered, all you have to do is wait for rescue. If your alarm doesn't catch the attention of the duty officer, or the call button fails, the citizen can call the alarm phone to ask for help. At present, many elevators are equipped with a mobile phone launcher that can normally answer and make calls in the elevator.

        Method 2: if there is a power cut or your cell phone is not working in the elevator, you'd better keep calm in the face of this situation, because the elevator is equipped with a safety anti-fall device. The anti-fall device will firmly stick to the track on both sides of the elevator chute, so that the elevator will not fall down. Safety devices will not fail in the event of a power outage. In the cramped and stuffy elevator, many passengers worry about choking. In fact, at present, the new national standard of elevator has strict regulations, only to achieve the effect of ventilation, can be put on the market. In addition, there are many moving parts of the elevator, such as some connection positions, such as the gap between the wall and the top of the car, generally enough for human breathing. Citizens can also roll up the carpet on the floor of the elevator car, exposing the air vents at the bottom, for the best ventilation effect. Then shout out loud to attract the attention of passers-by.

        Method 3: if you shout until your mouth is dry and no one comes to rescue you, then you may slap the door of the elevator intermittently, or beat the door with a hard shoe, waiting for rescue workers to arrive.

        Method 4: some trapped impatient people will try to open the elevator from the inside, which is a way of self-rescue fire personnel strenuously resist. Because when the elevator fails, sometimes the door's loop will fail, and then the elevator may start abnormally, resulting in "shearing". If you force the door is very dangerous, easy to cause personal injury. In addition, people trapped in the elevator do not know the location of the floor when the elevator shut down, blindly open the doors, there will be a risk of falling into the elevator well.

        Method 5: in case of rapid fall, keep your back close to the elevator, then bend your knees and stand outside with your feet, to maximize the cushion. In addition, do not blindly climb out of the skylight, in the case of car door temporarily unable to open, should be assisted by professional rescue personnel, after the power outage shut down, can escape from the skylight.

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